• Updates on Projects and Activities

    Now that we have the blog, and functional Facebook Page, we want to ensure that we communicate regularly with our supporters, well wishers and the people who believe in our cause.

    The last couple of months have been really hectic and satisfying at the same time. We will be providing regular updates on our work and project learnings through these platforms. Here’s the updates as of today June 6th, 2014.

    1. We began our champions selection process in May, which itself was late due to the elections, but could not finalise it due to the summer vacations beginning! So we hope to get that moving as soon as the school reopens. There are a few changes planned on this too! Stay tuned!
    2. We successfully completed the first batch of around 80 students for the Digital Literacy and Internet Awareness Course. It was really wonderful to see the students all excited about it! We need to complete the cycle by providing pointers on what the students could do next, whether from a career or from a education point of view. That is critical.
    3. Our next Career Awareness Seminar is scheduled to be held on the 26th/27th of June and during that period, we will also be handing out the certificates to the participants who completed the IAC course. The first batch they say is always special!
    4. The second batch of Internet Awareness Course is about to commence from mid June, and we are really hopeful that more people can benefit from it!
    5. We were featured by the MIT India Alumni reading group last month as well as a featured social enterprise. Do read up the article that talks about our different approach towards education. Thanks to another of our well wisher to connect with the team there.

    Here is a small excerpt from the article that sums up our approach

    The unique way adopted by HHT involves empowering the students by actively involving them in story-telling sessions conducted by champions. The program functions in some of the most backward regions of Bihar and aims at introducing the children to the world outside their textbooks and building their self confidence.”

    Read the complete article here

    Thank you all for the continued support!