• Inauguration of Computer Center

    It was a landmark moment for us as the last month, we inaugurated a computer centre that will serve as the home to the Digital Literacy and Internet Awareness Course. The guest of honour was the Sub divisional Officer Shri S K Shah and Shri Mahendra Narayan Prasad.  This would allow us to also launch multiple new programs and raising the digital literacy level in the area.

    The beneficiaries of this centre would not only be school students, but also farmers and other citizens. Agriculture being a primary source of livelihood in the area, we feel it is important that the farmers are made aware about the recent advancements in agriculture and farming methods. Through videos and animations, through guest lectures, we hope that the citizens use this center to their benefit.

    Another major beneficiary could also be teachers, who may want to find more about learning methods, new pedagogy styles and gain access to content that they can then use in their teaching.

    The current setup has 5 systems and the hope is that we will be adding more systems by the end of the year.

    The setup will also function as the centre for Champions training and imparting lessons on how to conduct the sessions.