• Champions selection process

    One of the key processes of our activities is ”Champions Selection” every year. Our champions are the most important factor for the functioning of the Trust. They have been assigned with four major activities-reading, writing, story-telling and art n craft.

    There, are total 6 steps of selection to recruit a champion and they are as follows:

    1)Reading: We tell them to read a paragraph from a book or newspaper.

    2)Writing: We give them a topic, a social topic related to education of poor children or women, sanitation, environment etc, in about 600-800 words.

    3)Personal interview : We ask them about their family members, hobbies, interests and ambition.

    4) Extempore public speaking : All these girls are asked to speak on a topic for about 5 minutes individually one by one.

    5)Group Discussion: They are asked to divide themselves in groups of four and are given a topic to discuss.

    6)Visiting champions’ homes and meeting their guardians :  After completion of all four steps mentioned above, we ask 5 shortlisted girls to take us to their homes to meet their parents/guardians. By taking this step, we try to find that how much the guardians are interested in our work. Are they really willing to involve their ward in our organisation or is it just the champion’ personal decision. We do this process as we think that without the guardians’permission its not possible because usually sometimes, we need to send the  champions to perform the activities in some particular school all alone to check their confidence.