• Internet awareness course completion

    Welcome to the Happy Horizons Trust Blog. We hope to make this as a channel to share all the efforts we are doing to give our contribution towards the betterment of the society. We firmly believe in the power of technology to bring positive change.

    And so, what better way to start the blog to do a post project update on the completion of the first batch of the Internet Awareness Course, being run in collaboration with the Koshi Computer Center, Simri Bakhtiarpur (Saharsa) Bihar.  We are really grateful to the owner Mr Bishnu Kumar, for his full cooperation towards the execution of this course.

    We started this initiative with the sole aim of getting the students empowered with the power of internet and getting digital literate. Over the duration of the course (2 months) the students were involved in understand aspects of emailing, being able to find information on the internet, fill out online forms to apply to exams, net banking, ticketing and other utilities and last but not the least doing video conferencing over Skype.

    The goal is to connect them to the larger pool of information available, that allows them to bring in that extra element of passion towards education and be motivated to continue exploring things that they are passionate about. It is our long term vision that introducing them to the vast pool of knowledge and giving them the tools to access it with ease, will go a long way in they being able to make better career choices and finding employment.

    As we celebrate the completion of the first batch of students, we know that this is just the beginning. The first steps have been taken, and the journey is long ahead.

    Welcome onboard!