• Empowerment

    One of the things we often get asked is how are we measuring the impact of our programs. It is difficult, because many times in the domain of education the impact can be actually be felt only after a certain number of years. We want to have a few short term change and impact as well.

    But when a good example of Empowerment presents itself, and you know that the initiative you have been running is the cause for it; you smile from cheek to cheek and feel proud. Through our different programs, we have always emphasised on the need to apply the knowledge gained by the students.

    Yesterday the results of the Class 10 board exams were announced and there was immense crowd at the computer centres. Needless to say the crowd could get impatient too soon. The anxiety of the parents and students  both were understandable.

    There were 6-7 students who had just completed the Digital Literacy and Internet Awareness Course, who were there with their mobiles, searching and telling all the anxious students and parents the results. Our joys were unbound at seeing this!

    To us, that is empowerment.